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The UN called on countries not to close borders for refugees

The UN called on countries not to close borders for refugees

Steps by States to strengthen border controls should not block the way for asylum

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, called on the international community to combat access to asylum by people seeking relief from violence and war while fighting against coronavirus. This is stated in his statement.

“In the context of the mobilization of global efforts to combat the spread of COVID-19, many countries justifiably take exceptional measures to limit travel and movement across borders,” Grandi said. However, “wars and persecutions have not stopped, and today people in different parts of the world continue to leave their homes in search of security.” “I am increasingly concerned about measures taken by some states that could interfere with the right to asylum,” said the High Commissioner.

According to Grandi, the steps of states to strengthen border controls “should not block the path to asylum or force people to return to their previous situation where they are in danger.” The UN believes that there are “solutions.” In particular, measures to check the health status of those arriving at the border should be applied while observing the “international refugee protection standards”. “In this difficult time, let's not forget those who are fleeing war and persecution. They, and all of us, more than ever need solidarity and sympathy now,” concluded the High Commissioner.

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