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Trump accused China of a coronavirus pandemic

Trump accused China of a coronavirus pandemic

Trump blames China for the coronavirus pandemic

The actions of the Chinese authorities and, in particular, withholding information about the spread of infection have led to the current situation, says Donald Trump.

U.S. President Donald Trump said that withholding information on COVID-19 by Chinese authorities led to the coronavirus pandemic. He stated this at a briefing at the White House on Thursday, March 19.

“This (spread of the virus) Could be stopped quite easily if we knew if everyone knew about it months ago (...), unfortunately, they (China) did not make it public, and therefore the whole world is suffering, “Trump said.

US authorities were ready for the spread of the epidemic, Trump assured and recalled that the United States earlier than the rest of the world forbade entry into its territory from China.

If the United States allowed “the entry of tens of thousands of people from China per day,” the situation in the United States would be much worse, the American president believes.

Trump reiterated the view that the insufficiently timely provision of information by the PRC authorities about coronavirus led to the current crisis in the world.

“If we knew about everything a few months earlier, then the virus could be contained within the borders of one province (China),” Trump summed up.

Recall that earlier Trump, following Macron, declared war on the coronavirus. The head of the White House called himself the “wartime president”, comparing the fight against coronavirus with World War II.

It has also been reported that the experimental treatment of COVID-19 is being launched in the United States. Coronavirus patients will be treated with the long-known and affordable antiviral drugs.

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