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Trump called himself the “wartime president”. Video

Trump called himself the “wartime president”. Video

Trump received emergency powers

The head of the White House called himself the “wartime president”, comparing the fight against coronavirus with World War II.

US President Donald Trump, following his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, declared war on the coronavirus. He made such a statement after the vested himself with extraordinary powers, writes Voice of America.

Powers allow him to force enterprises to expand production and produce vital materials in the context of the coronavirus epidemic.

Trump can now direct the industry to make up for the shortage of ventilators, face masks, and other medical devices.

Trump had previously used such a law — after the hurricane in Puerto Rico in 2017.

The head of the White House called himself “the president of wartime” and stated that “this is a war”, comparing the fight against coronavirus with measures during the Second World War.

Trump also warned the nation of upcoming nationwide casualties.

In the event martial law is imposed, the country's authorities will temporarily prohibit depriving Americans of the right to use social housing and evict them: many have lost and/or will lose their jobs due to the shutdown of production.

In addition, Trump's plan provides for financial assistance to the Americans — a payment of $500 billion will be carried out in two parts in the next two months.

According to official data, more than 8 thousand cases of coronavirus infection were registered in the United States, of which 127 people died. The virus was detected in 50 US states and the District of Columbia.

Earlier, Macron declared war on coronavirus in a video message to the nation, in which he announced the transport blockade of France and emphasized that the current state of the country is close to the military.

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