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Cannabis vendors in San Francisco have been allowed to work in quarantine

Cannabis vendors in San Francisco have been allowed to work in quarantine

Photo: Business Insider
Cannabis will be sold during quarantine in stores

Due to the state of emergency declared in San Francisco, most stores were required to switch to remote work or close before April 7th.

In San Francisco, stores selling marijuana are on the list of items that may not be quarantined. About it on Wednesday, March 18, writes Business Insider.

Prior to this news, city residents lined up in huge lines in front of cannabis shops until their closure. Now they are working as usual, and everyone can buy the goods they want.

“Cannabis is an important medicine for many San Francisco residents. During this time, dispensaries can continue to function. In doing so, they must comply with public health rules, ” commented on the permit at the San Francisco Department of Health.

Earlier, the Italian Supreme Court allowed citizens to grow cannabis at home in small quantities.

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