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The US will stop detaining illegal migrants

The US will stop detaining illegal migrants

US authorities temporarily stop prosecuting illegal migrants

Operations to detain violators are postponed due to an outbreak of coronavirus.

US immigration authorities decided to temporarily stop taking into custody for the subsequent deportation of illegal migrants in the country. About it reports on Wednesday, March 18, the newspaper The Washington Post.

Representatives of the Immigration and Customs Service at the US Department of Homeland Security have notified Congressmen of their decision stating that during the crisis related to COVID-19, the agency will not conduct operations to detain people in and around medical facilities.

“There should not be such a situation when people try not to seek medical help because of fear of being taken into custody by the immigration authorities,” the agency said.

They specified that detentions would only be made “in the most extreme cases” when it comes to the expulsion of dangerous criminals from the country.

According to Johns Hopkins University, which makes calculations based on data from federal and state authorities, the number of infections in the country exceeded 7.7 thousand, more than 100 people died.

Earlier in the US, it was reported that they are closing the border with Canada for “non-essential traffic” in order to avoid the spread of coronavirus.

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