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Trump's opponents' race. Biden is one step away from winning

Trump's opponents' race. Biden is one step away from winning

Debates by Democratic Party presidential candidates in the USA.

Joe Biden defeated his main rival, Bernie Sanders, in the Democratic Party primaries in Florida and beat him confidently in Illinois and Arizona.
Former U.S. vice president Joe Biden strengthened his status as Donald Trump's most likely opponent in the U.S. presidential election in November.

To date, 77-year-old Biden has already secured the support of 1147 delegates from the Democratic Party against 861 from 78-year-old Bernie Sanders. According to CNN, Biden received an almost insurmountable advantage over Sanders.

State by state

On the so-called “Super Tuesday” March 3, former U.S. vice president Joe Biden won the Democratic Party primaries in ten states, but Senator Bernie Sanders won in the largest — California.

A week later, on March 10, Biden won in four other states — Missouri, Mississippi, Idaho — as well as in Michigan. He also won the state of Washington.

Now, on March 17, Biden took three more states. The former vice president won by a wide margin in Florida and Illinois and also won in Arizona, achieving almost decisive leadership in the number of delegates who supported him.

The results of the recent primaries could significantly increase pressure on Sanders to stop his campaign and allow Democrats to unite around Biden's candidacy as Donald Trump's only real rival.

The Ohio primary was also due on March 17, but voting in that state was postponed due to the coronavirus outbreak.

The secret to success

Biden is particularly popular with elderly voters who vote well in elections. Sanders argued that he was capable of expanding the Democratic Party's electorate to include young people, among whom he actually has many fans. But young Americans often ignore elections, and Saunders' calculation in the current primaries also failed.

Biden is also considered a preferred rival for Trump. For example, in Florida, three-quarters of Democrats believe that Biden has a better chance of winning. Only 20% think Sanders' chances are more preferable.

In Florida, many Democrats found Saunders too left. He did say more than once that the dictatorial communist regimes, including the USSR and Cuba, had positive sides. In Florida, where many people from Cuba live, this view is not popular.

Biden has promised to appoint a woman as Vice President and an African-American woman as Chief Justice. This move should mobilize women strongly - it is no coincidence that a number of newspapers have called this promise “Biden's feminist strengthening.

The coronavirus factor

At the last debate, Biden and Sanders even greeted each other with elbows, in the spirit of the time.

Sanders appealed to the shortcomings of the U.S. health and social care system, and Biden played the role of a leader who knows what to do in extreme conditions and can unite the country to overcome the pandemic.

Both candidates, however, regularly confused the name of the new virus.

Will there even be an election?

Against the backdrop of the pandemic, some American media have even begun to talk about the possibility of a complete cancellation of the presidential election. Publications such as The New York Times and Slate, as well as Buzzfeed, suggested that Donald Trump, by introducing an emergency regime due to the coronavirus epidemic, may try to cancel or postpone the elections to be held in November.

Such precedents have never been set in US history. The date for the presidential election was set by federal law in 1845 and has not been changed or postponed since then.

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