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Improved Nuclear Bomb Tested in the US

Improved Nuclear Bomb Tested in the US

The current tests were the third after tests conducted in October 2015 and in 2017.

The U.S. tested the latest B61-12 nuclear bomb without any ammunition and F-15E Strike Eagle fighter. This was reported by American media on Wednesday, March 18.

The total cost of upgrading the B61, experts expect, will exceed $9.5 billion.

The tests are part of a series of joint tests to show the aircraft’s ability to deliver weapons and the non-nuclear functions of a bomb. Previously, the bomb was tested in 2017 and October 2015 with conditions close to real ones.

The 2020 improved bomb has important differences from the previous ones: a new tail from Boeing increases the accuracy of the ammunition. There is also no need to use a parachute system. A booster plane can drop the B61-12 from high altitude, after which the bomb will autonomously plan toward the target, adjusting its flight. The implemented concept allowed to reduce the power of the warhead without a drop in the fighting qualities of the B61.

After the 2020s, the United States plans to deploy the B61-12 in Europe as part of the replacement of previous tactical bombs.

The Pentagon said earlier that the United States will not expand its nuclear arsenal. The United States does not want to participate in an arms race with Russia and China, the ministry said.

Trump also talked about “super fast” missiles. The actions of Russia and China are actually forcing America to increase spending on its nuclear arsenal, said Donald Trump.

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