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Joe Biden consolidates leadership over Bernie Sanders

Joe Biden consolidates leadership over Bernie Sanders

At the National Congress of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden is ready to support 1,147 delegates, and Bernie Sanders — 861.

Former US Vice President Joe Biden, who is fighting for the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party in the presidential election in November this year, wins a landslide victory in the primaries in several important states. It is reported by The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, March 18.

So, in Florida, according to the results of counting 99% of the vote, almost 62% voted for him against 23% of the votes that his main rival Senator Bernie Sanders got.

In the state of Illinois, Biden is also seriously ahead of Sanders in terms of indicators — 59% against 36% of the vote. And in Arizona, Biden leads with 42.8% of the vote, while Sanders has 30%.

According to preliminary data, 1147 delegates are ready to support Biden at the National Congress of the Democratic Party of the USA, and 861 are ready to support Sanders.

On the eve of Biden won in Washington, a week ago he beat Sanders in four more states — Missouri, Mississippi, Michigan and Idaho.

Earlier it became known that the current president of the United States, Donald Trump, enlisted the support of a sufficient number of delegates to nominate a candidate from the Republican Party in the upcoming presidential election.

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