A dispute broke out between China and the US over Beijing's allegations and the name of the virus

A dispute broke out between China and the US over Beijing's allegations and the name of the virus

The US and China are beginning to quarrel over the coronavirus. Trump calls it “Chinese” after the Chinese Foreign Ministry hinted that the virus was brought to Wuhan by the US military.

Trump again called the new coronavirus “Chinese” and dismissed Beijing's accusations of US involvement in China's emergence of the virus.

US President Donald Trump on Tuesday, March 17, gave an additional impetus to the altercation between the US and China over a new coronavirus. He again used the term coronavirus to be inaccurate for Beijing and denied China's accusations of US involvement in the Wuhan virus.

During his speech, Donald Trump re-named himself the “Chinese virus”, despite the fact that it had previously aroused Beijing's displeasure. The state-run Xinhua News Agency released a harsh official statement in which Trump's words were criticized.

“The use of racist and xenophobic names to impose responsibility for outbreaks of disease in other countries shows only political irresponsibility and incompetence that heightens fear of the virus,” the Xinhua news agency said.

However, Trump has a different opinion. “He (the virus. — Ed.) Really came from China, so I think this definition is very accurate,” Trump says. The day before, he used the term “Chinese virus” in a social media post on Twitter. He made it clear that one of the motives that prompted him to say so was the desire to repay the Chinese for being accused of the alleged involvement of the American waxes in the Wuhan virus.

“China was spreading information that was false. I don't like China's statement that our military is involved in the virus in China. Our military didn't bring anything to anyone,” Trump said, quoted by AFP.

Last week, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhang Lijong suggested that the COVID-19 coronavirus was brought to Wuhan by US military personnel. “When did the so-called zero patients appear in the US? How many people were infected? What hospitals were they brought to? Maybe the US military brought the epidemic to Wuhan. Be transparent! Make the information public! The US should explain to us,” he wrote on the page on Twitter. Following these words, the US State Department called on the Chinese ambassador to Washington for clarification.

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