Trump does not rule out restrictions on intra-US movement

Trump does not rule out restrictions on intra-US movement

Restrictions on domestic travel may be imposed in the US because of the new-type coronavirus (COVID-19) spread, US President Donald Trump said Tuesday at a White House press conference.

“It's possible,” Trump said when asked if he was considering imposing restrictions on domestic travel.

According to Trump, the introduction of such a measure depends on “what's next.”

For those planning a vacation trip in the coming days, Trump recommended staying home. “I would say enjoy your home. I recommend them to just enjoy (leisure — IF) in the living room,” he added.

Ahead of a briefing at the White House, Trump urged Americans to adhere to strict rules to combat the outbreak of the new COVID-19 coronavirus.

“I recommend that all Americans, including young and healthy ones, go beyond home-schooling opportunities, avoid meeting groups of more than ten people, travel without valid reasons, go to restaurants, bars, and public places,” the president said.

“If we all take such measures, we will overcome the disease,” the American leader stressed.

The President noted that such measures could last until July or August. At present, the introduction of nationwide quarantine is not envisaged, it is only possible to separate cells of distribution.

Trump said there were “encouraging results” now in the country to combat the spread of the new coronavirus, pointing to progress in developing a vaccine for the virus with the assistance of US experts.

As of March 17, 5,868 cases of coronavirus infection were reported in the United States, 97 of which died. Meanwhile, 74 infected people recovered. Today, 5 thousand 515 people are receiving treatment, with 12 patients having a complex condition.

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