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Controlled chaos and US plan: States bully the world with a new wave of coronavirus

Controlled chaos and US plan: States bully the world with a new wave of coronavirus

There is every reason to believe that the United States will go on another provocation against China. The American elite is afraid that soon the Celestial Empire will cope with the coronavirus. On the sidelines, statements are already being made about the second wave of the COVID-2019 epidemic in China.

Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases of the United States, spoke about the new troubles for the Chinese. He emphasized that the state should not return to normal life.

“China just closed the country ... As they lift restrictions and return to normal life, a second wave may arise,” Fauchi said.

Earlier, the US chief infectious physician scared the world of the danger of a proliferating pandemic. The confidence of an American doctor is easy to explain.

The American elite creates an artificial panic in the world in order to take advantage of the situation — to strengthen the dollar pyramid and continue to undermine objectionable political regimes.

The fact that the Americans had a hand in the creation of a new biological weapon, more than one person said. So, the US war veteran Gordon Duff said that in the world there are a huge number of laboratories financed by the Anglo-Saxons. He explained their appearance by the fact that the Western elite always adhered to the theory of “controlled chaos.”

In turn, the Canadian Larry Romanoff said that the virus did not appear at all in China.

According to him, he was specially brought there. The observer explained that all branches of the evolutionary tree of the coronavirus existed in only one country — the United States. He believes that COVID-2019 was developed at Fort Detrick's US military base.

The fact that the new virus did not originate from the air, says the information that similar sites were found in the COVID-2019 and HIV proteins. In vivo, they simply could not appear.

The growing panic and chaos are beneficial to the American elite. Under these conditions, they can carry out “color revolutions” and set the public against power, misinforming them that they are not taking the necessary measures.

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