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Coronavirus and Trump: three steps forward

Coronavirus and Trump: three steps forward

Coronavirus significantly increased the chances of Donald Trump for re-election. And the head of the White House quite correctly uses the pandemic to strengthen his rating.

First, it is precisely on Trump's initiative that the United States will provide citizens, small and medium-sized businesses with a three-month tax break. In addition, he plans to instruct the Small Business Administration to use the existing powers to provide capital and liquidity to firms affected by the coronavirus.

The American leader also intends to appeal to Congress with a request to increase funding for the SBA lending program by an additional $50 billion.

And another important initiative is to free Americans from payroll taxes for three months.

In this case, the head of the White House “threw dice” at once on the electorate of the middle and lower classes, as well as on representatives of the business environment. And I believe that in any case, it will be counted towards him, regardless of the Congress decision.

Second, Trump announced plans to buy as much oil as possible to form a strategic reserve. In this case, it is a reassurance for big business and a demonstration of Trump as a good strategic player in the field of economics. More precisely, the economic interests of the United States. Especially considering oil prices.

Third, the closure of US borders, even for EU countries. And it is especially important to emphasize that for the political ally of the states — Great Britain. With this decision, Trump has already demonstrated his concern not so much about the economic or political interests of the states, but from a civilian perspective, from the perspective of a true leader of the nation.

So the head of the White House has already taken three fairly strong steps that will definitely give him bonuses to his competitors in the upcoming elections. And for him, coronavirus is like manna from heaven. Now the main thing is not to overdo it. These initiatives to Trump are quite enough to increase the rating and one could already refrain from any additional activity

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