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One hundred million people can become infected with coronavirus to May in the USA — WP

Coronavirus spread may be slowed down by public health

One hundred million people can become infected with coronavirus to May in the USA — WP

After reporting the first confirmed case of infection with a new coronavirus in the United States, reports of new infections came gradually. However, after two months, the number of such messages began to increase sharply. This is stated in an article in the Washington Post.

So, according to the publication, the first case of infection was recorded on January 22, from the beginning of March the number of infections began to increase sharply, and as of March 13, 2,179 cases of infection were recorded in the United States. Experts are concerned about this so-called exponential curve. If the number of infections doubles every three days, by May, about one hundred million people will be infected in the United States.

The article states that this is mathematics, not prophecy. Spread can be slowed down by public health: if people practice “social distance”, avoid public places and generally restrict movement.

Moreover, the article states that “social distance” is more effective in combating the spread of coronavirus than forced quarantine.

“The truth is, locks are very rare and never effective,” says Lawrence O. Gostin, professor at Georgetown University.

Fortunately, there are other ways to slow the flash. First and foremost, health officials urged people to avoid public gatherings, stay at home more often and stay away from others. If people are less mobile and less interactive with each other, the virus has less potential for spread.

Recall that the United States on March 13 for 30 days imposed a ban on entry into the country of foreigners arriving from EU countries, later the ban was extended to the UK and Ireland.

In almost half of the US states, a coronavirus emergency has been introduced.

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