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Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are called to the ring

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are called to the ring

Another morning press conference at the White House: this time Donald Trump announced that he had finally passed the coronavirus test. The other day, his “colleague”, the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaru, called himself completely healthy, although one of his assistants ended up being infected. They both met with Trump in the White House.

The American president was late in passing the test. After all, Trump understands that in case of a positive result, the stock markets will suffer another wave of panic. Given the age of Trump (he is 73 years old), coronavirus carries serious risks to his life and health.

Trump made a separate reference to the fact that on Friday the markets grew by almost 10%. He especially held a press conference half an hour before their closure, so as not to give investors time for doubts about presidential decisions. By the way, the rise of US stock indices on March 13, 2020, was the largest since February 13, 1932. It turned out very symbolic.

An important point in Trump's recent speeches is his promise to impose restrictions on entry and exit from states that are stronger than other victims of the coronavirus epidemic. We are talking about Washington, New York, California, in each of them, the number of registered cases of infection exceeded 500.

What this will lead to can be imagined against the background of quarantine in Italy, where people rushed en masse to board the last departing trains from Lombardy. Only in the case of the United States is it still worth multiplying by how many times the population of America is numerically superior to Italian.

Well, now all the public attention is already riveted on the upcoming debate on Sunday of the remaining presidential candidates from the Democratic Party. Initially, they were supposed to be held in Arizona, but because of the epidemic, they were transferred to the American capital.

In an empty room without spectators, Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden will debate one on one. Currently, both candidates have almost completely curtailed their campaign events or transferred them online.

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