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The US responds to Turkey’s plan to launch a military operation in Syria

The US Department of Defense said it was “focused on ensuring the operation of the security mechanism” in Syria.

The United States entered into negotiations with the Turkish authorities to ensure security in northern Syria against the background of the preparation of Turkish troops for a military operation. This was announced by US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper on Sunday, October 6th.

“Now we are focused on ensuring the operation of the security mechanism in the north-north-east of Syria,” Esper answered the question, Washington plans to withdraw all troops from Syria while Turkey begins a large-scale invasion of this country.

“Yesterday I had a long conversation with my colleague, Mr. Akar, and this was an immediate topic of discussion. I made it clear to him that he agreed that we need the security mechanism to work,” the US Secretary of Defense said.

Regarding the current interaction, the head of the Pentagon recalled the existence of a common center in southern Turkey, as well as the provision of air and ground patrols.

“We need to work out all the details,” said Esper.

It was previously reported that Turkey launched unilateral military operations in a “safe zone” in northeastern Syria.

Turkey later pulled additional troops and equipment to the Syrian border after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced the completion of preparations for a military operation to be held on the territory east of the Euphrates River.

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