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Trump had contact with two carriers of coronavirus: doctors delivered a verdict

Trump had contact with two carriers of coronavirus: doctors delivered a verdict

Doctors were deciding whether the head of the White House should go into quarantine

The American president Donald trump twice had contacts with carriers of the coronavirus, however, the manifestations of the infection were not found in the head of the White House.

This was reported by CNN reporters.

According to Sean Conley, the doctor of the American president, Trump “didn’t have long contact” for a joint photo with Fabio Weingarten, speaker of the President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro.

Three days after this meeting, Weingarten began to show symptoms of coronavirus, and then his tests for COVID-19 gave a positive result.

Later it became known that on March 13, a coronavirus was found in another person with whom Trump contacted. This man is Nestor Forster, Charge d'Affaires of Brazil in Washington.

Conley said the US president spent more time in close proximity to Forster, but “all interactions took place before any symptoms appeared.”

“These interactions can be classified as a low risk of transmission, and so far there are no signs of home quarantine,” the doctor said.

He also added that, given the lack of coronavirus symptoms in Trump himself, there is no need to test for COVID-19 yet.

“I continue to closely monitor the president and take care of him and will inform you when more information appears,” the medic added.

Earlier it was reported that Trump is going to take a coronavirus test. The US president emphasized that this decision was not due to the fact that he had contact with a Brazilian official infected with a coronavirus.

Recall, the head of the White House declared a state of emergency in the United States because of the coronavirus. Trump explained that the introduction of an emergency mode in the country will allow the US Federal Agency for Emergency Management to allocate up to $50 billion from the disaster relief fund to fight against coronavirus.

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