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Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft Board of Directors

Bill Gates Leaves Microsoft Board of Directors

Gates did it to devote more time to charity

American entrepreneur Bill Gates, who is one of the founders of Microsoft Corporation, resigned from its board of directors. This is stated in a statement published by the company.

Gates did this “to devote more time to charity, including in the field of world health, development, education, as well as in combating climate change, in which he is increasingly involved.” Gates will continue to be the technical adviser to the CEO of Microsoft and its other executives. The head of the company is now Satya Nadella.

The company noted that since June 2008, Gates has reduced his participation in Microsoft to devote more time to the charitable foundation founded by him and his wife Melinda. As follows from the statement, there are now 12 people remaining on the Microsoft board of directors.

As Nadella emphasized, “Microsoft will continue to benefit from Gates' passion for technology, his advice on product and service development.”

Gates also announced on LinkedIn that he decided to step out of the board of directors of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Investment Fund. “Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway have never had such strong leadership, so this is the right moment to take this step,” he wrote.

Microsoft was founded in 1975 by Gates and Paul Allen. The corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of software for various devices: from personal computers to mobile phones. Microsoft is headquartered in the US city of Redmond, Washington.

Recall that earlier, Bill Gates gave $10 million to fight the killer virus from China. The money will go to counteract the spread of coronavirus in China and Africa.

Recall that previously Twitter users appreciated the behavior of Gates, and admired the fact that he behaves like an ordinary person

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