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COVID-19: state of emergency introduced in the USA

COVID-19: state of emergency introduced in the USA

Trump announced the introduction of the US emergency regime due to coronavirus

Donald Trump officially declared a national emergency, opening access to $50 billion to fight the disease.

In the US, President Donald Trump has announced a nationwide emergency regime to counteract the spread of coronavirus. He stated this at a press conference specially convened in the White House on Friday, March 13.

“I officially declare a nationwide emergency today. This measure opens up access to the allocation of $50 billion — significant funds — to the states, territories and local authorities to combat this disease,” Trump said.

The introduction of a state of emergency will remove bureaucratic obstacles to allocating funds from the federal budget to local and state administrations. Earlier, the US administration received $8.3 billion from Congress to contain the scale of the infection.

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According to American media, the number of cases of infection with a new coronavirus in the United States reached 1,680, 41 people died. The authorities of 24 states have introduced an emergency mode on their territory.

Recall, from March 13, Trump for 30 days banned entry to the United States from Europe for 30 days.

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