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Joe Biden has requested security from the US Secret Service

The request will first be reviewed by a panel of Congressional lawmakers

Joe Biden has requested security from the US Secret Service

Former US Vice President Joseph Biden, one of three Democratic presidential candidates, has formally requested security from the Secret Service. This was reported by ABC television, citing its own sources.

According to them, the request will first be considered by a specialized group of US Congress legislators who will prepare recommendations in this regard. These recommendations will be sent to the acting head of the Department of Homeland Security, Ched Wolfe. He will make the final decision.

At a meeting between Biden and a group of supporters in Los Angeles, California, an incident occurred on March 3. On this day, primary elections (primaries) took place, bringing the former vice president a victory in ten of the 14 states. Two women tried to break through to Biden and were detained by his guard. According to the portal Business Insider, a protest rally was organized by activists of the Direct Action Everywhere movement, who advocate for animals and against keeping cows on dairy farms.

In addition to Biden, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and US Rep. Tulsi Gabbard are participating in the campaign.

Earlier, the former vice president secured the title of the leader of the election race.

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