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NATO Cyber Defense Center expands: details

States' understanding of the seriousness of cybersecurity over the past two to three years has changed significantly

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Nine countries plan to join the NATO Cyber Defense Center in Tallinn in the near future. This was announced on Friday by the head of the center, Colonel Jaak Tarien.

According to him, quoted by the BNS agency, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Switzerland, and Japan are currently in the process of joining the Center. In addition, Australia, Ireland, Canada and Luxembourg announced their intention to join the organization in the future, added Tarian.

“The understanding by states of the seriousness of the topic of cybersecurity over the past two or three years has changed significantly,” said Jaak Tarien. “The big change is the way states interpret and talk about cybersecurity issues. Obviously, more and more people want to talk about dangers in this area and that real steps to strengthen international cooperation are considered important, and the ever-growing number of members of the Estonian Cyber Collaboration Cooperation Center in Estonia also attests to the international relevance of the topic. Us. “

The NATO Cyber Defense Center was opened in Tallinn. By the summer of this year, the number of countries participating in its work has reached twenty-five.

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