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Facebook and Twitter removed a network of accounts and pages related to Russia

Facebook and Twitter removed a network of accounts and pages related to Russia

Facebook actively removes fake accounts

The pages were used to sow discord in discussions of public issues such as race and civil rights.

Social networks Facebook and Twitter have deleted about 300 accounts and pages related to Russia's attempts to influence users from the United States. They reported this on Thursday, March 12.

It is noted that the accounts were managed from Ghana and Nigeria. Facebook deleted 49 accounts, 69 pages, and 85 Instagram accounts for suspicious activity. The company connects them with the Russian Internet Research Agency.

“Accounts often posted news about the United States and tried to expand their audience by focusing on the following topics: the history of the black population in the United States, representatives of this population, fashion, celebrity gossip, news and events related to famous Americans, and the problems of the LGBT community”, — the message says the social network.

It is noted that the activity of the accounts was not directed to the elections in the United States, “did not promote and denigrate presidential candidates.”

Also, the removal of 71 accounts said Twitter. According to him, the pages were used in order “to sow discord through participation in the discussion of public issues such as race and civil rights.”

It was also reported that Facebook deleted 3.2 billion fake accounts between April and September 2019.

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