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TOP 5 weapons of the future

TOP 5 weapons of the future

Technological progress cannot but concern the military-industrial complex. And although none of us wants a war, this does not mean that the modernization of weapons will stop. Therefore, almost every week we hear about a new model of weapons that demonstrates not only the military power of a particular state but also the degree of development of technology in general. And perhaps the only thing we can do is hope that all these latest developments will never be applied. Your attention 5 types of weapons of the future that I would not want to see in action.

1. Railgun

The rail gun is two parallel electrodes, which, in fact, are called “rails”. They, in turn, are connected to a source of powerful direct current. The main objective of the weapon is to disperse a conductive projectile along two “rails”, and it shoots at a considerable speed: according to developers, the maximum acceleration can be up to 2.4 km / s.

2. The high-energy laser defense system.

This laser system under the acronym HELLAS is a Pentagon project. According to the disclosed details of the concept, the installation should be small, but extremely effective — its list of tasks includes intercepting and eliminating enemy fire. This happens by damaging, for example, enemy missiles, after which they will not be able to find the target and hit it.

3. The Biodesign Project.

This project can be considered one of the most ambitious because it provides for the possibility of creating an immortal synthetic organism. Such a bold development called Biodesign is now engaged in the Office of Advanced Research Projects of the US Department of Defense (DARPA). Its essence is to synthesize immortal organisms with the help of engineering methods, as well as biological and chemical technologies. In the future, these synthetic creatures should partially or completely replace a person on the battlefield.

4. Cyborgs insects.

Cyborgs insects, or MEMS, is a curious concept that it would seem, has come down from the pages of old spy stories. But today they talk about such technologies quite seriously. This project involves the introduction of special micro-mechanical systems in living insects, even at the developmental stage of a pupa or cocoon. Then, an adult will be programmed to collect intelligence and even detect explosives.

5. Weapons for firing from around the corner.

This project is distinguished among others by the fact that it has ceased to be only a concept, but has a real embodiment. We are talking about the Corner Shot Launcher gadget, which is a special installation adapted for firing from around the corner. The technology is based on a bending barrel equipped with a camera and a screen. With their help, the soldier takes aim without the risk of being wounded in the head. At the moment, there are already prototypes that are being actively tested.

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