In Italy, a record number of deaths from coronavirus

In Italy, a record number of deaths from coronavirus

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The increase in the number of dead and infected per day is in the trend of the previous days, the Civil Defense Service of Italy explained.

In Italy, the number of deaths from complications caused by the coronavirus COVID-19, per day amounted to 196 people. This is a record number since the start of the epidemic, ANSA on Wednesday, March 11th.

The head of the Civil Defense Service of Italy, Angelo Borelli at a press conference said that the total number of deaths since the beginning of the epidemic is 827 people. Also, 2,076 people fell ill during the day — the number reached 12,462. At the same time, 1,045 people were cured of the coronavirus.

“The day before, we said that the data on Lombardy were incomplete. They did not take people into isolation at home, but in fact, daily growth is in the trend of the previous days,” Borelli explained.

Recall, on March 11, the head of WHO announced a pandemic of coronavirus in the world. The last time a pandemic was announced in 2009 was when an outbreak of swine flu was recorded.

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