Joe Biden Strengthens Democratic Race Leadership

Joe Biden Strengthens Democratic Race Leadership

Former U.S. vice president triumphs in four out of five U.S. states that held primary elections on March 10

Former US Vice President Joseph Biden has strengthened his lead in the election race of Democratic politicians, claiming to be a presidential candidate in the upcoming elections. According to estimates by leading American media, he won in Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan and Idaho — four out of five American states in which primary elections were held on Tuesday, March 10 (primaries).

In the state of Washington, ballot processing is still ongoing, and the media is in no hurry to name the winner. Fierce struggle Biden imposed on him by a direct and virtually the only competitor — Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders.

Earlier, the former vice president secured the title of the leader of the election race, in which, following the results of the “Super Tuesday”, held last week, Sanders was the only one who was ready to impose a fight on him.

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