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The military has been sent to the New York suburbs. They've identified a hotbed of infection

The military has been sent to the New York suburbs. They've identified a hotbed of infection

The military will perform civilian functions. In particular, they will start cleaning schools and deliver food to quarantined people.

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced the creation of a special mile-borne coronavirus infection zone in the city of New Rochelle north of the metropolis. On Wednesday, March 11, reports the Air Force.

A total of 77 thousand people live in New Rochelle. It will close all crowded places, including schools and a nursing home.

According to Cuomo, the National Guard will not perform military or police functions, but only provide assistance to suburban residents.

“This is not an exclusion or quarantine zone; no one is allowed to enter,” he said.

According to local media, the center of the spread of infection in the city is the local synagogue. It is alleged that the first identified infected resident was the man who visited her. Now about 1000 parishioners of this temple are quarantined.

In the state of New York to date, 173 cases of coronavirus infection have been registered, this is the highest rate in the country. Of these, 108 were identified in Westchester County, in which the city of New Rochelle is located.

It was reported that Italy announced the expansion of quarantine measures due to coronavirus throughout the country.

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