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In Britain, a plastic harmless to the planet has been launched into production

A British startup for turning plastic into wax has begun to gain popularity in Asia, where the problem of recycling plastic waste is particularly acute. This is written by Bloomberg.

In the UK, a group of researchers has invented plastic that is harmless to the planet. It decomposes into the wax. The European company has already signed a deal with the supplier of the giant 7-Eleven in Taiwan. The British also sold their technology to one of the world's largest plastic manufacturers, Formosa Plastics.

On its website, Polymateria claims that it has developed the world's first fully biodegradable plastic and launched it with mass production

The company's CEO, Niall Dunn, pointed out that Polymateria products do not leave microplastics (fragments less than five millimeters long) during the decomposition process. Another advantage of the development is that the disposal of such plastic does not require special equipment.

The composition of plastic includes a dozen chemicals, including rubbers, oils, and dehumidifiers, which then destroy plastic polymers and turn the material into the wax.

Further, this wax, if it got into nature — is completely digested by bacteria and fungi. With the help of Polymateria technology, it is possible to create both thin food film and solid materials, as for glasses.

Thin packages decompose in 226 days (for comparison, an ordinary plastic bag decomposes in a landfill for about a thousand years). The same plastic can be reused.

Every year, 8.3 billion plastic straws fall into the world's oceans. Only Americans consume 500 million disposable plastic straws per day.

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