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Unknown people leaked the QR-code to Macron's COVID-certificate

In France, they are looking for a doctor or a medic, with the participation of which a real QR-code to President Emmanuel Macron's COVID-certificate got into the network.

It is reported by Politico.

QR-code of the president's certificate began to circulate in social networks on Monday. From it, one could read Macron's date of birth, details about the vaccine he was vaccinated with, and the date of his vaccination. The code is linked to a personal COVID certificate, the same kind that French people now need in everyday life for admission to restaurants or public events.

The Elysee Palace confirmed that the code does belong to Macron.

Before the leak became known, about 50 health workers had access to the president's data in the vaccination registry.

The medical professional body that monitors professional and ethical standards said that such actions were a breach of confidentiality, and threatened unscrupulous colleagues with disciplinary sanctions, but it is still unknown exactly who was behind the leak.

After the incident, Macron's certificate was tied to a new QR code, while the previous one is already invalid.

The code contains very limited information, which was not particularly secret, but the incident additionally drew attention to data security in the context of COVID certificates.

Under European privacy law, medical data is a category of sensitive information that must be protected particularly carefully.

According to RTL, before that the code to the certificate of Prime Minister Jean Castex was also distributed on the network - this happened after he was accidentally photographed by a photo reporter with insufficient quality so that it could be enlarged and scanned.

Recall that France was one of the first countries in Europe to make the covid certificate an integral part of everyday life - despite thousands of protests.

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