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Oil prices collapse: Trump's unexpected reaction

US President noted the positive aspect of oil war between Russia and OPEC

Oil prices collapse: Trump's unexpected reaction

A fall in world oil prices entails losses for large resource companies but plays into the hands of ordinary consumers.

US President Donald Trump wrote about this on his March 9 Twitter page.

“Good for consumers, fuel prices are down,” he said in a microblog.

Trump noted that oil prices collapsed due to a dispute between Saudi Arabia and Russia over production volumes and fake news, apparently referring to the spread of misinformation and the spread of panic around the coronavirus epidemic.

In addition, he recalled that the influenza virus is a much more dangerous infection than the causative agent of SARS COVID-19.

“Last year, 37,000 Americans died of the usual flu. On average, 27-70 thousand die each year. They don’t shut anything, life and the economy go their own way. There are currently 546 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 22 deaths in the United States. Think about this! “ — He turned to his subscribers.

It is worth noting that the “oil war” between Moscow and Riyadh did not pass over the American economy either: the S&P 500 index fell 145.10 points, the Dow Jones — 1245 points, and the Nasdaq exchange — 410 points.

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