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The US has promised to stop chasing Haitian migrants on horseback

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the US authorities will stop using horses to harass Haitian migrants at the border with the country. She said this at a briefing.

"We will no longer use horses in Del Rio," she said.

Psaki added that such measures were taken in response to criticism of photos and videos where mounted police arrange a kind of hunt for migrants.

Earlier it was reported that American border guards on horseback are driving away migrants from Haiti on the border with Mexico with a whip.

The White House has already responded to this situation. Press Secretary Jen Psaki, quoted by Politico, reported on the concern of the American authorities about the current situation.

She called the footage itself terrible and noted that she understands why the situation outraged the public. In her opinion, this incident is unacceptable and inappropriate.

As Psaki noted, she cannot imagine a scenario in which this would be appropriate. The White House is working to gather additional information on this issue, she said.

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