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Influential spiritual leader hangs himself in India

In his seven-page suicide note, Narendra Giri mentioned three disciples. They were interrogated and arrested.

One of India's most influential spiritual leaders, Narendra Giri, has been found hanged in India. His body was found on Monday, September 20. Nearby lay a seven-page suicide note, writes The Times of Truth.

In the letter, Geary said he allegedly had a mental disorder and that he was upset about one of his students. He also mentioned the names of his three followers, Anand Giri, Acadia Tiwari, and Sandeep Tiwari. They were questioned and arrested on charges of inciting suicide.

It is noted that one of the disciples, Anand Giri, allegedly blackmailed his spiritual teacher with intimate photos of him with a girl.

"I'm afraid of the shame. I have lived with dignity and will not be able to live with shame... So I end my life," the suicide note reads.

It also noted that Anand Giri frequently went abroad and wore branded clothes and expensive accessories. He allegedly took funds for this from the monastery treasury.

Some media outlets are voicing the version that the spiritual leader was murdered. The crime was "disguised" as a suicide.

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