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National Interest: European countries are afraid of the union of Russia and France after AUKUS

Ali Demirdas, a columnist from the United States, said in an article for the National Interest that France could get closer to Russia after the creation of a new defense partnership AUKUS and the termination by Australia of a major contract for the supply of French submarines.

The journalist said that some European countries are experiencing fear because of the hypothetical union of Moscow and Paris. "Paris has already begun to build Russia's eyes in the eastern Mediterranean," Demirdas wrote. In his opinion, this is more than enough to damage the foundations of NATO and cause concern in Poland, the Baltic states, Ukraine and Georgia.

According to the publicist, French leader Emmanuel Macron may resort to decisive steps in foreign policy, given his unprofitable position now against the background of the head of the right-wing National Union party, Marine Le Pen.

Demirdas also noted that the situation in Europe resembles the situation before the beginning of the Second World War. "It is not yet known whether AUKUS will provoke a wider conflict in Eurasia," he concluded.

On September 16, the authorities of the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom created the AUKUS alliance, within which they agreed to exchange military technologies with each other. In particular, it was about Australia's assistance in building its own submarines. Because of the new agreement, Canberra terminated a major contract with Paris for the supply of submarines.

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