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Cargo Ship SpaceX Cargo docked successfully with the International Space Station

Cargo Ship SpaceX Cargo docked successfully with the International Space Station

Cargo Ship Cargo Dragon delivered cargo to the ISS

The ship was captured with the help of a 17-meter-long arm-manipulator Canadarm-2, which was controlled by American astronaut Jessica Meir.

SpaceX Cargo Dragon, an American cargo spacecraft, docked successfully with the International Space Station. This was reported by NASA on Monday, March 9.

The operation to connect the “truck” to the US segment of the station — the Harmony module was completed at 14:18, noted at the NASA Mission Control Center in Houston.

The ship, which had previously approached the ISS, was captured with the help of the 17-meter Canadarm-2 manipulator arm, which was controlled by the American astronaut Jessica Meir. The subsequent connection of the Cargo Dragon ship with a remote manipulator to the station and the docking process itself was carried out on commands from the NASA Mission Control Center.

Recall, on March 7, in the United States, the Falcon 9 booster rocket launched SpaceX Cargo Dragon. It is reported by the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

This is the 20th launch of the Cargo Dragon truck to the ISS as part of a commercial contract between NASA and SpaceX.

Among other things, a ship in an unpressurized compartment delivered to the ISS the Bartolomeo platform of the European Space Agency. It will be installed on the European Columbus module on the outside of the station. It is equipped with 12 payload compartments to house commercial research equipment. The Euro platform will allow public and private organizations to quickly and cost-effectively conduct research in space. Payloads will not require servicing by ISS crew members.

Currently, Cargo Dragon is the only spacecraft to supply the ISS, which is able to return cargo to Earth.

It was previously reported that SpaceX launched a rocket with 60 Internet satellites and became the largest satellite operator in the world.

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