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AUKUS scandal: Johnson advised France to "get a grip"

Boris Johnson called the creation of the alliance "a big step forward towards global security".

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that France should "get a grip" amid the scandal over the partnership between Britain, the United States, and Australia. He said this in comments to Sky News in Washington on Wednesday, Sept. 22.

"What I want to say about this is that I just think it's time for some of our dearest friends around the world to get a grip on themselves about this whole thing and leave me alone," Johnson said when asked about the AUKUS scandal.

"Basically, this is a big step forward for global security. These are three like-minded allies standing side by side and creating a new partnership to share technology," the prime minister added.

Johnson stressed that "this is being done to strengthen ties and friendships between the three countries," which "will be good for what we believe in."

The new AUKUS alliance between the U.S., Britain, and Australia, signed Sept. 15, sparked a deep diplomatic crisis between Washington and Paris.

As part of the alliance, Australia will be equipped with nuclear-powered submarines. Because of the agreement, Australia broke a $66 billion submarine contract with a French company, angering Paris.

Meanwhile, France is threatening to block an EU agreement with Australia over submarines.

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