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Trump sued his niece and The New York Times

Former White House chief Donald Trump has sued his niece Mary Trump and The New York Times over an article published in 2018, the Associated Press reported.

The lawsuit, filed in New York state court, accuses Mary Trump of violating a settlement agreement by disclosing tax records she obtained during a dispute over the estate of former President Fred Trump's father.

The article alleges that Trump did not make his own fortune, as he has always claimed. According to the newspaper, which cited sources, Donald Trump's father, entrepreneur Fred Trump gave his son $413 million, including through tax evasion schemes.

Mary Trump published a book about the Trump family in which she noted that she was a source for The New York Times.

Trump's lawsuit alleges that Mary Trump, The New York Times, and the publication's journalists were "motivated by personal revenge" against him and a desire to advance a political agenda.

Donald Trump accuses his niece of violating a 2001 settlement agreement that required her not to share his financial records with anyone. The former president accuses journalists of knowing about the ban and trying to obtain this information from the woman for personal gain.

Trump has valued his claims at $100 million.

Earlier, Donald Trump again claimed "grand election fraud" and promised to provide evidence of wrongdoing.

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