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Uma Thurman shared her «darkest secret»

Actress Uma Thurman has publicly told about how she experienced an abortion in her youth. Her column on this issue was published in the Washington Post, in connection with the ban on termination of pregnancy after six weeks in Texas, approved by the US Supreme Court.

In her column, Uma Thurman admitted that she felt obliged to share her story "in the hope of deflecting the fire of controversy from vulnerable women, on whom this law will have an immediate effect."

The actress wrote that the experienced abortion still remained her "darkest secret". According to her, it happened when she was not yet 20 years old, and the father was a man much older than her. Uma Thurman made the decision to terminate her pregnancy after consulting with her family.

"The abortion that I had as a teenager was the most difficult decision of my life, it hurt me then and makes me sad now, but it was the way to a life full of love and joy that I got," the 51 — year-old Hollywood star admitted.

She added that having decided on an abortion, she managed to become a mother at the moment when she was ready for it.

The law banning abortions in Texas came into force in early September.

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