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Johnson and Biden Agree on Approach to Russia and China

The approach to Russia and China should be based on shared values that London and Washington share. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and U.S. President Donald Trump agreed on this, according to a Downing Street spokesman posted on the British government's website.

In the context of shared values, Johnson and Biden mentioned the new Australian, British, and U.S. security partnership, AUKUS. They emphasized "the importance of the role this alliance will play in promoting peace and stability in the world, using the competence of the British, Americans and Australians to address future challenges," according to the communique.

On Sept. 16, the U.S., Britain, and Australia entered into a defense partnership agreement. The alliance is called AUKUS (Australia, United Kingdom, United States). The agreement calls for the three countries to facilitate the exchange of information and technological innovations in neural networks, cyber and underwater systems. In addition, Australia will build submarines under this contract, although a few years ago it entered into an agreement with the French company Naval Group to produce 12 submarines for 90 billion Australian dollars.

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