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London and Washington named a condition for Taliban recognition

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden named a condition for possible international recognition of the radical Taliban movement. This was announced by the office of the British Prime Minister.

The day before, Johnson arrived in the U.S. for a meeting with Biden at the White House, as well as attending the UN General Assembly.

“They discussed the progress made since the G7 meeting last month to coordinate international action in Afghanistan. They agreed that any international recognition of the Taliban must be coordinated with respect for this human rights group,” the report said.

The two sides welcomed mutual cooperation during NATO's withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Johnson also expressed condolences for the deaths of U.S. troops during an evacuation at Kabul airport.

Johnson and Biden concluded that the best way to stabilize Afghanistan was to “use all available diplomatic and humanitarian tools to avert a humanitarian crisis and preserve the gains already made.”

Earlier, the British General Staff called for giving the Taliban a chance — we should be patient and allow the Taliban to form a government to actually show their intentions.

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