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In Texas, migrants have gathered in an encampment of thousands

The number of migrants in a spontaneous camp in the southern United States increased 35 times in a week. Local authorities are asking for a state of emergency.

Thousands of migrants piled into a spontaneous camp in the city of Del Rio in the American state of Texas. Their number is growing rapidly and has already almost reached 14 thousand, reports CNN.

It is noted that within a week their number increased from 400 to about 13,990 people. Migrants are living in filth, with mountains of garbage around them. Many are deprived of food and water.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Twitter officially appealed to U.S. President Joe Biden to declare an emergency situation and called what is happening an immigration crisis.

Authorities have increased the number of patrols around the camp. Del Rio Mayor Bruno Lozano asked the Biden administration for additional resources, such as water and portable toilets. He also reported that at least one woman from the camp had given birth.

Many of the migrants came from Haiti, where a massive earthquake killed more than 2,000 people. Some are also fleeing political persecution in Venezuela.

Meanwhile, footage of border patrol officers beating migrants with a whip was released to the media, and a scandal ensued.

The White House has already responded to the situation. According to press secretary Jen Psaki, U.S. authorities are concerned about the situation. She also called the footage, in which a border guard on a horse beats a migrant with a whip, horrible. Psaki said she understood why the situation angered the public and that such an incident was unacceptable and inappropriate.

Most likely, most of the migrants will be expelled, the media noted. Such a decision of the local authorities was reported a few days earlier. As the authorities said, such a measure was introduced "so that illegal migrant was quickly taken into custody" and removed from the U.S. "in accordance with the laws and policies" of the country.

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