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Bezos came to the meeting with Johnson with his girlfriend

The head of Amazon Jeff Bezos held a meeting in New York with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which was also attended by the billionaire's girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. He revealed this on his Instagram.

Jeff Bezos told his followers that at the meeting, which took place on the eve of the UN General Assembly, he discussed the issue of climate change with the British prime minister.

"Good exchange on climate change with a passionate desire to conserve and preserve wildlife," Bezos wrote in the caption of a photo from the meeting.

A spokesman for the U.K. prime minister confirmed to Business Insider that the talk was about environmental issues. He added that the head of Amazon and Boris Johnson also discussed taxation issues. According to him, they were raised by the head of the British cabinet himself — he expressed his hope that "progress will be made on the implementation of the G7 tax agreement."

A deal that reached the G7 summit in June means that global IT companies-including Amazon will pay at least 15% income taxes in every country in which they are present, not just where they are registered.

It was previously reported that Bezos invested in a life-extension startup.

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