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A way to bypass iPhone locking discovered in iOS 15

Spanish cybersecurity researcher Jose Rodriguez, on the day of release of the operating system iOS 15, has published information about the vulnerability found in it. On his Twitter account, he said he had discovered a way around the iPhone lock screen.

According to him, the vulnerability works in the final version of iOS 15 and is also available in iOS 14.8 and iOS 15 RE (Release Candidate, the latest beta version of the OS.). The method allows access to the notes of the user.

The specialist has previously published details of bypassing the blocking screen and access to Twitter, WhatsApp, or Telegram. According to Rodriguez, to access the application "Notes" is enough to use Siri and VoiceOver services.

In a comment to The Record, the researcher clarified that he decided to publish the vulnerability data in the public domain because of Apple's extremely careless response to previous holes found in iOS. Rodriguez hopes that this way the American company will be more careful to fix problems and reward those who find vulnerabilities in their systems.

iOS 15 is available for users of iPhones from model 6s and above. Journalists have already tested the new OS, noting some successful solutions for Apple, but at the same time criticized the update for its triviality.

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