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Brazil's president had to eat in the street in the U.S.

Brazilian president had to eat outdoors in the U.S. due to lack of a coronavirus vaccination

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who arrived in New York to attend the UN General Assembly, was forced to eat lunch outside on Monday because he was not vaccinated against the coronavirus. This was reported by the Globo television channel.

According to its information, a restaurant of traditional Brazilian cuisine in New York fenced off part of the sidewalk at the entrance with black curtains, behind which tables were set up for Bolsonaro's delegation. Current sanitary rules in the U.S. metropolis prohibit the admission of non-vaccinated against coronavirus infection in public catering establishments.

"He was outside because those who are not vaccinated are allowed to be there. We made sure that he could have lunch with us on Gaucho Day (the name given in Brazil to the inhabitants of the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, celebrated on September 20 in memory of the 1835 uprising against the Brazilian Empire that began on that day). He [the president] felt it was important to be seated outside because we couldn't accommodate him inside-it would have violated New York law," the network quoted restaurant manager Francisco Cappa as saying.

This was the second time Bolsonaro had to eat outside during his stay in New York. A day earlier, one of the ministers accompanying him posted a photo on Twitter showing the Brazilian leader standing in the company of members of the delegation eating pizza in the street. At the time, it was attributed to the president's unassuming nature.

The Brazilian leader had repeatedly expressed skepticism about the effectiveness and safety of vaccines against coronavirus, arguing that their use could have adverse effects on the lives and health of vaccinated people, and always stressed that he considered it a purely voluntary matter. At the same time, in early August, he admitted the possibility of vaccination with a drug "that is recognized worldwide," but specified that it would be "the last in line.

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