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The U.S. has no plans to withdraw from AUKUS after France's recent statement

The United States has no plans to withdraw from AUKUS amid France's recent reaction to the agreement. This was announced by U.S. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

During the briefing, Psaki responded in the negative to a reporter's question about whether the U.S. plans to withdraw from the AUKUS partnership.

Australia had previously entered into the AUKUS defense and security partnership with Britain and the United States. The withdrawal from the submarine agreement with France's Naval Group was announced.

In addition, the A$90 billion agreement, dubbed the "contract of the century," included the production of 12 Barracuda-class attack submarines.

French Foreign Minister Le Drian described Australia's decision to break up as a "stab in the back." He said confidence had been shattered.

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