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Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals the future of artificial intelligence

The head of Apple Tim Cook said that artificial intelligence is already in many devices, and in the future, its distribution will increase and expand. The head of the technology giant from California told about this in an interview with Time magazine.

Cook, answering a question about new technologies, revealed that he was “excited” about artificial intelligence. In his opinion, many users don't even realize how regularly they encounter the actions of AI in their gadgets.

“If we talk about our devices, it's how we recognize your face, your fingerprint. It's also how we group photos [in the gallery], how [the voice assistant] Siri works. That's why I say AI is everywhere,” Cook added.

The businessman added that he also believes in the widespread adoption of augmented reality technology. “But in a way that doesn't remove yourself from the physical world and your real-world relationships. Namely to improve your relationships [with real people], to increase collaboration,” Cook concluded.

In April, the Apple CEO participated in the New York Times podcast “Sway.” He talked about the future of the company, his attitude to the new President of the United States, and new developments for the brand.

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