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The White House commented on France's decision to withdraw its ambassador from the U.S.

The United States regrets France's decision to withdraw its ambassador from Washington, the White House said.

"We are currently in close contact with our French partners regarding their decision to recall the ambassador for consultation. We understand their position and will continue to engage in resolving our differences in the coming days, as we have done at other times throughout the history of our alliance," said White House National Security Council spokeswoman Emily Horn.

She said France remains the United States' "oldest ally" and an important partner.

Britain, the United States, and Australia have formed the military alliance AUKUS. The Pentagon said the U.S. military presence in Australia would be expanded.

Earlier, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said Paris was recalling its ambassadors to the United States and Australia for consultations after the submarine deal and the AUKUS alliance broke down.

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