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In the US, bikers have a firefight at a party

In the US, bikers have a firefight at a party

A quarrel in a private club led to the death of one person, seventeen more were hospitalized.

Members of two biker clubs fired in the American city of Cleveland, Ohio. As a result, one person died and at least 17 were injured. On Sunday, March 8, reports Fox News.

“The fight began, some people were kicked out of the party, they returned and started shooting at its other participants, some of which returned fire,” said the sergeant of the police.

Local television station 19 News, citing the police, notes that a 48-year-old man was killed. Law enforcement officers found him at the scene with multiple gunshot wounds. The injured were hospitalized.

An investigation is underway. NBC News writes that a fight occurred between two biker clubs.

Previously, two people were killed and two others were injured as a result of shooting in a small hotel in the Canadian city of Hamilton, Ontario. There was also shooting at a brewery in Milwaukee, USA. The shooter killed five people and committed suicide.

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