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A flight left Kabul with 170 U.S. and European nationals

A third charter flight carrying civilians from Afghanistan to Qatar after the U.S. withdrawal last month departed Friday with about 170 passengers on board.

It was reported by Reuters.

A Qatari official said foreign nationals from Belgium, Britain, Croatia, Germany, the Netherlands, and Italy, as well as the United States, were on board.

The official said the passengers were taken to Kabul airport by a Qatari convoy after a safe passage agreement was reached with the Taliban.

In Doha, the passengers will first stay in a compound that receives Afghans and other evacuees.

Qatar has become a key link between the West and the Taliban. The Persian Gulf state is a close U.S. ally, hosts the largest U.S. military base in the Middle East, and since 2013 has been home to the Taliban's political office.

Recall that the first commercial flight from Kabul departed on September 9. Qatar Airways flew out more than a hundred people.

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