Coronavirus in the USA: over 500 infected

Coronavirus in the USA: over 500 infected

The total number of deaths due to coronavirus infection in the United States reached twenty-one

The number of infected COVID-19 in the United States has exceeded five hundred. This was announced on Sunday, March 8, CNN television with reference to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So, according to official information, the total number of infected in the United States reached 512. It also includes citizens of the United States, evacuated from the Chinese city of Wuhan, as well as from the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

Another 21 infected are aboard the Grand Princess, which received permission to moor on Sunday at the port of Auckland, California. In total, COVID-19 infections have been reported in 33 states.

According to the latest data released by CNN, the total number of deaths caused by the new coronavirus virus reached 21 in the United States. Of these, 18 deaths were recorded in Washington, two in Florida and one in California.

Experts said earlier that the global economy could lose up to 2.7 trillion US dollars (2.38 trillion euros) due to the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19.

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