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Psaki: the US does not want a conflict with China against the background of a treaty with the UK and Australia

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that the new US partnership with the UK and Australia in the Indo-Pacific region is not directed against China, Washington does not seek a conflict with Beijing. She told about this at a regular briefing for journalists, a recording of which was published on the White House's YouTube channel.

Psaki noted that the partnership with the United Kingdom and Australia is not aimed at any country, it is necessary to protect the strategic interests of the United States and preserve stability in the region.

"As for China, we are ready for tough competition with China, we do not seek conflict," Psaki said.

She added that the United States government intends to maintain a "dialogue between the leaders" of the two countries.

Earlier, the office of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson reported that the United States, Great Britain, and Australia have agreed to create a new security partnership.

The statement says that the leaders of the three countries "agreed on a landmark partnership in the field of defense and security, which will protect and defend common interests in the Indo-Pacific region."

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