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Scandal after scandal: Boris Johnson «shuffled» the Cabinet

The British Prime Minister is engaged in "cleaning" the cabinet. Boris Johnson replaced, in particular, Foreign Minister Dominic Raab and Education Minister Gavin Williamson. All these decisions "will create a strong team that will help to recover better after the pandemic." Will it work?

The change of the head of the British Foreign Policy Department was expected. Boris Johnson decided to do this after there were mass calls in society to dismiss Dominic Raab. According to media reports, he went on vacation when the Taliban was advancing on Kabul, and also ignored thousands of letters asking for help in evacuating from Afghanistan. Moreover, Raab entrusted the conversation with his Afghan colleague about the evacuation of local translators to his assistant, since he was on vacation at a five-star hotel in Crete at that time. This behavior did not go unnoticed by the prime minister.

Elizabeth Truss has become the new British Foreign Minister, she will also remain the Minister for Women and Equality, Downing Street reports.

The Tracks have a rich track record. She was Minister for the Environment, Food, and Agriculture in the first and second cabinets of David Cameron, she also served as Minister of Justice and was the first-ever woman in the position of Lord Chancellor in the first cabinet of Theresa May.

Now Liz Truss is the second woman in the country's history to hold the post of Foreign Minister. The first in 2007 was Margaret Beckett, but she worked in the Cabinet of Ministers for a little more than a year.

And Dominic Raab was appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Lord of the Treasury, and Minister of Justice. In the last position, he replaced Michael Gove. Gove, in turn, became the Minister of Housing. Robert Jenrick was dismissed from this position. That is, formally, despite the scandalous resignation, Raab even received a promotion. He became the head of the British Foreign Ministry in 2019. In Theresa May's cabinet, he was the minister for Britain's exit from the EU but resigned because he was against the plan approved by the British government.

Robert Buckland, who "made a huge contribution to the government as Justice Secretary and Lord Chancellor, including making the streets safer with significant reforms to the sentencing system and the fight against re-offending," is leaving the cabinet.

Gavin Williamson confirmed his resignation from the post of Minister of Education, saying on Twitter that "it was a great honor for him to work as Minister of Education since 2019." However, he did not specify whether he was given another post, expressing the hope that he will be able to continue to support the prime minister and the government.

Nadim Zahavi takes the place of the Minister of Education. Until recently, he was the minister for the introduction of the vaccine, and previously he served as the Minister for Children and Families when Theresa May was Prime Minister.

And earlier in June, the head of the Ministry of Health, Matt Hancock, announced his resignation. He made the corresponding decision against the background of a scandal in the media, which published a photo of a married Hancock in an embrace with his assistant. After the publication of the picture, the minister was criticized for violations of the rules of social distancing.

Boris Johnson's official spokesman said earlier that the cabinet reshuffle "will create a strong and cohesive team that will help to better recover from the pandemic." How quickly the Cabinet of Ministers will recover after such a powerful shake-up, when it will begin to work fruitfully for the benefit of British society, is not specified.

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