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Nasal COVID vaccine developed in the U.S.

Vaccination with the new drug can stimulate both systemic and barrier immunity and is suitable for immunizing large populations.

A new coronavirus vaccine developed by scientists at the University of Houston (USA) will be administered intranasally while providing sustained local immunity against inhaled pathogens. MedicalxPress reports.

"Mucosal vaccination can stimulate both systemic and mucosal (barrier) immunity and has the advantage that it is a noninvasive procedure suitable for immunizing large populations. However, mucosal vaccination is difficult because of the lack of effective antigen delivery and the need for appropriate adjuvants that can stimulate a robust immune response without toxicity," said Naveen Varadarajan, professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering at the University of Houston.

A fundamental limitation of intramuscular vaccines is that they are not designed to induce mucosal immunity.

Scientists have tentatively tested the method with other respiratory pathogens, the readiness of immunity for reinfection with coronavirus requires adaptive immune responses in the respiratory tract and lungs.

Scientists say the nasal vaccine would be a good option for the fair distribution of vaccines worldwide.

The scientists also reported that each of the drug's components is stable for more than 11 months and can be stored and shipped without freezing conditions.

Recall that last fall it was reported that scientists in Hong Kong had developed a spray vaccine against COVID and influenza.

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